SMEV VA7306 Round Sink w/ Glass Lid - Standard Sink 5.5"
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SMEV VA7306US Round Sink w/ Glass Lid - Standard Sink 5.5"

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  • Item #: VA7306US
  • Manufacturer: Dometic Corporation
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: VA7306
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SMEV VA7306 Round Sink w/ Glass Lid - Standard Sink 5.5"

This sink is perfect for a van, small trailer, or a truck camper. The VA7306 is a 5 inch deep sink made of high quality materials from Europe and offers top of the line performance. It will add a stylish look to your kitchen area.

High Quality - SMEV is a manufacturer based in Italy, making high quality RV and marine products. All SMEV's products are made of 304-L category stainless steel, a type of steel engineered for heavy industrial applications. To ensure maximum resistance against stains, SMEV also chooses the 18/10 alloy, that is a steel formulation that guarantees 18 parts of chromium and 10 of nickel. The resulting products are strong, durable, light and free of any wrinkled or shaded areas. The integrated lid is made of heat-resistant safety glass.

Dimensions: 16-1/2" Diameter x 5-1/2" Deep Sink

Faucet Included: Hot and cold connections

A drain kit does not come with the sink, we recommend using the 37420K Strainer / Drain Kit.

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